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Tower Strengthening and Structural Upgrades

LARS’ experience means that we are able to undertake structural analysis on masts and towers and provide detailed reports outlining any issues.

Antenna Rigging 07
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Antenna Rigging, Alignment & Testing

LARS rigging teams are highly trained and qualified and are approved by all major site providers in the UK.

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Line of sight and radio surveys

LARS offers line of sight capability using our specialist in-house teams.

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Fabrication of Structures

Structures fabricated by LARS include 4 leg angle structures, 3 leg tube towers, monopoles and bespoke structures including wall mounted poles and rooftop grillage.

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Radio Site Build

Sites built by Lars include tower sites, monopole sites, rooftop sites, site upgrades and wall mounted stub poles.

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Site Inspection and Maintenance

Maintenance teams provide an extensive range of services that include site inspection, surveys and maintenance solutions.

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Radio Site Decommissioning

This service can form part of a ‘one stop shop’ solution where LARS will decommission first generation sites and install and commission new sites, or as a stand alone service.

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Project Management

LARS applies our broad knowledge and comprehensive skills and techniques gathered over many years’ experience to execute projects effectively and efficiently.

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Communication Towers and Masts

We provide communication towers and masts to support antenna, microwave and radar equipment whether it be through a standard or a bespoke solution.