CE Marking Accreditation

23 January 2015

CE marking is a compulsory requirement for fabricated items and all UK steel manufacturers of steel will have to comply. LARS is certified under the CE marking scheme and the mark will be applied by LARS as a declaration to clients that the supplied product conforms to the technical specifications and that relevant manufacturing procedures have been complied with throughout the fabrication process.

LARS Managing Director, Ian Turner, commented; “We are all extremely proud at LARS in achieving the CE marking accreditation. The mark demonstrates our commitment to providing a quality product. We have invested significant time, effort and finance to obtain this certification so that our customers can be assured that our workmanship and quality is to the highest standard.”

LARS is an industry leader in radio site build and antenna system installation and commissioning and have 25 years experience in the manufacture and installation of steel structures. The CE marking accreditation covers the fabrication of steel structures, towers and ancillary steelwork including staircases and fencing


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