Strengthening steelwork install at BT Copt Oak

18 August 2015

LARS Communications have completed the installation of strengthening steelwork on the 80 metre lattice tower at the BT Copt Oak Radio Station in Leicestershire.

As well as being an operational site, the structure at Copt Oak is also used as a radio rigging training tower by BT, so the work had to be completed within a window of opportunity in July when the tower was not being used for training purposes.

The strengthening steelwork was installed on 6 panels and involved the replacement of main diagonal members located between 44 metres and 70 metres. Leg plating was also installed at the 39 metre to 44 metre level.

LARS can provide a comprehensive range of structural upgrades including the conversion of electricity pylons to telecommunications towers, tower strengthening on existing structures, tower remedial works, safe to climb inspections and staircase, platform and ladder installations. LARS is certified under the CE marking scheme, Certificate No. 1224-CPR-0748.


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