Achilles UVDB Audit

3 October 2018

We are thrilled to have achieved an almost perfect score in our recent Achilles UVDB Verify Audit.

The Verify Audit was introduced by Achilles UVDB in order to provide a higher level of pre-qualification assurance for buyers operating within the utilities sector, allowing them access to a suitably pre-qualified supply chain they can invite to tender.

In particular, the Verify Audit looks at Health and Safety, Environment and Quality. It also looks at a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. The results of the audit provide the utilities companies an independent assessment of suppliers’ management systems (Management System Evaluation – MSE), as well as an assessment of the discipline areas on-site.

LARS Communications’ results were as follows:

MSE Health and Safety: 98%
MSE Environment: 100%
MSE Quality: 100%
MSE CSR: 100%

SITE Health and Safety: 100%
SITE Environment: 100%
SITE Quality: 100%
SITE CSR: 100%

While this audit programme is not a certification or accreditation scheme, it does mean that the Achilles UVDB buyer members have access to those suppliers who are meeting the most appropriate levels of pre-qualification for services, works or goods they are providing for the industry.

Our Business Development Manager, Julian Cooper, was delighted with the outcome of the audit; “Everyone here works very hard to maintain our high standards. It is a huge boost for everyone when these high standards are recognised by an independent assessor such as Achilles.


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