Croydon Transmitting Tower

9 April 2019

Croydon Transmitting Tower in Upper Norwood, in the London borough of Croydon

We’ve mentioned several times that one of the perks of being a LARS rigger is enjoying some of the finest views in the United Kingdom. Recently, our rigging teams were looking out across London from high up the Croydon Transmitting Tower.

The original tower was built in 1955, but was only built as a temporary measure. The current tower, which stands on Beulah Hill in Upper Norwood, in the London Borough of Croydon, was built in 1962 and was originally used to broadcast London ITV (on VHF Band III, if you’re interested).

The self-supporting lattice tower stands at an impressive 152.6 metres, so by no means one of the tallest structures in the United Kingdom, but an impressive sight nevertheless, more so because it stands so close to the neighbouring Crystal Palace Tower – in fact, there’s barely a mile between them. The two towers have been dubbed the Eiffel Towers of South London.

VHF television was discontinued in 1985, so the tower went out of use for regular television broadcasting, but in 1997 a directional antenna was installed to carry the newly launched Channel 5 to the London area. Following the digital switchover in 2012, no television has been broadcast from the Croydon Tower, although it is used as a back-up transmitter for the Crystal Palace Tower.

Our rigging teams were carrying out work on the Arqiva owned tower as part of an ongoing nationwide microwave installation contract, and while climbing these structures might not be to everyone’s taste, you can only marvel at the views, views which the vast majority of us will never get to enjoy.

All of our rigging teams are highly trained and qualified, and approved by all of the major site providers in the UK. We are committed to their welfare and safety, so every single one of our engineers undergoes regular RF training, as well as refresher climbing and access courses.

Currently, the tower is used to broadcast a number of FM and DAB Radio services to Greater London, as well as being used by many of the phone companies, which is why the LARS rigging teams were required. They were installing upgraded links, as the country’s need to have super-fast information at our fingertips grows.

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