2020 RISQS Audit

5 May 2020

2020 RISQS Audit

We are delighted to announce that LARS Communications has once again achieved the maximum five-star rating in our 2020 RISQS Audit.

RISQS  – or the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme to give it its full title – is the supplier pre-qualification service used by buyers of all products and services throughout the UK’s rail industry. It is the single-entry point for suppliers to the rail industry. Achieving the five-star rating demonstrates that we have been able to meet the Network Rail Health, Safety, Operational and Competence standards, allowing us to continue to work on the Network Rail Infrastructure.

Like the vast majority of organisations across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic is having such a huge impact on day-to-day life, and this includes the way the RISQS Audit took place. This year’s audit was carried out remotely using on-line communication (Microsoft Teams).  All required evidence was able to be accessed quickly so that the audit could be carried out as per the required timeframe.

There are actually two ‘phases’ to becoming fully RISQS qualified. Phase One is the verification of the questionnaire, products and services each supplier offers, while Phase Two is the RISQS audit which is for those product and service codes deemed to be high risk, or when the location of the service delivery is deemed to be high risk. Like all potential suppliers wishing to become a member of RISQS, we were prompted to answer questions about our business and what we wish to offer to the RISQS rail industry buyers.

Audit Modules

The 2020 RISQS audit is built around the services the supplier offers and is split into four modules, each of which covers different risk elements.

The base module is the Industry Minimum Requirements (IMR), something all suppliers undergoing the audit must pass in order to supply the products and services that they provide. If the supplier also works on the operational railway in the area known as “on or near the line” they must also pass the Sentinel audit module.

There are then two other modules that can be added, which are are based on specific services that suppliers can provide. The first of these is Safe Work Planning (SWP), required for all suppliers planning to protect workers from the operational railway by creating Safe Systems of Work Packs (SSWoP). And the final module is the On-Track Plant Operations Scheme (POS), undertaken by all organisations wishing to hire out or operate their own OTP on the Network Rail infrastructure.

The audit itself is a critical requirement for a number of our clients working in the transport sector. Our five-star rating demonstrates that we conform to industry specific requirements, and in doing so provide assurances to the 110-plus buyers within the GB rail industry that we are a trusted rail partner.

To achieve the five-star rating is testament to the hard work of the fantastic team at LARS Communications. A huge thank you goes to everyone involved.

For more information on the RISQS Audit, visit the RISQS website

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