LARS Communications Antenna Rigging Services

2 June 2020

Lars Communications antenna rigging

Lars Communications antenna rigging

LARS Communications Rigging Services

First of all, we hope that you are well and staying safe. It’s certainly been a very challenging few months.

At LARS, we’ve implemented a number of measures to ensure that we can maintain the continued delivery of our services. The Fabrication Workshop has remained open so that we can make sure we hit the deadline on a number of ongoing projects. Furthermore, our rigging teams are have been able to carry out critical work in order to keep the country connected – and there’s never been a more important time than now.

Our rigging teams travel up and down the country, from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales to East Anglia, carrying out a number of roles including; line of sight and installation surveys; on-site installation of steelwork; installation of dishes, flat panels, shrouded yagi and cables; and radio installation (to name just a few). What’s more, due to the nature of the work – i.e. a long way up – they are more than able to maintain strict social distancing measures.

All of our climbers are MATS approved and qualified for high structure tower access. They all have many years experience and are approved by all of the major site providers. It’s this experience that ensures all work is delivered safely and to the highest quality.

Airwave Kilostream Replacement Programme

One such project in which our teams have been involved is the Airwave Kilostream Replacement Programme. Over the course of three years, LARS riggers installed over 1500 links on towers across the British Isles. What’s more, the added bonus for our rigging teams is that they get to enjoy some of the finest views in the UK.

Electricity North West

We are also contracted to Electricity North West as Primary Radio Contractor. As such, we are responsible for the installation and commissioning of radio sites and for their IP Radio Infrastructure Programme. Works include all digital network installations (antenna installations).

So, despite the ongoing uncertainty across the UK, and the sometimes unclear messaging as to what we can and cannot do, at LARS we continues to operate as close to normal as possible. We currently have a number of jobs going through the Fabrication Workshop, including a number of exciting radar and radar tower build projects. We’ll be sharing details of these in the next few weeks. In the meantime, our rigging teams are ready to travel as and when required.

The image used shows LARS Communications riggers carrying out antenna rigging up the Crystal Palace Tower. For more information about the tower, click here.

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Stay safe.


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