Installation of a Lattice Tower in the West Midlands

26 March 2021


Installation of a lattice tower for the West Midlands Police Force

We have recently completed the design, fabrication, supply and installation of a lattice tower in the heart of Birmingham.

The tower itself is a nine-metre steel lattice tower and which was installed on a rooftop building in the city centre.

Tower Design

We worked closely with our associates, Hampshire-based MFD Communication Infrastructure Limited (MFDCI), on the design of the tower, using MSTower software.

The MSTower package is widely used within the UK. The program allows lattice tower structures to be modelled in detail. In addition to representing the tower steelwork and bolted connections, antenna equipment, ladders, platforms and other elements can also be represented. What’s more, windload forces are generated from specified parameters and then load combinations assessed to establish the member forces, reactions and utilisations.

At the top of the structure, two 1000mm air termination rods are fitted through leg end plates, at opposite corners, to provide protection for the installed equipment.

Access is via a vertical ladder, designed to support a Latchway ‘LadderLatch’ type fall arrest system.

Feeders and other cabling will be supported from outstand brackets fixed to the tower legs adjacent to the vertical access ladder.

All designs conform to BS8100 requirements.

Tower Fabrication and Installation

We fabricated the lattice tower in our in-house fabrication unit in Carnforth. We also carried out a trial assembly to ensure that the installation could be carried out as efficiently as possible once all components were on site.

Prior to the installation of the lattice tower, the steel was sent away to be hot dip galvanised, ensuring it is resistant to corrosion.

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