Three Year Site Inspection Contract

23 September 2021

Site inspection and maintenance

We are delighted to announce that we have recently secured an exciting three-year site inspection contract to inspect and maintain forty-seven communication towers spread across the Republic of Ireland.

The contract will see our maintenance teams travelling the length and breadth of the Emerald Isle ensuring that the towers comply with H&S Legislation, European Standards and Industry Recognised best practice. The program of regular inspections will ensure that this infrastructure remains in suitable, working condition.

The Towers

The forty-seven high-capacity towers support multiple networks and deliver greater levels of connectivity to the communities they support.  The sites typically consist of purpose-built lattice or monopole structures with associated buildings or cabin, typically within a rural setting or an industrial/suburban setting.

All assets host operational telecoms equipment ranging from local radio and PMR systems to cellular coverage sites operated by the main Mobile Network Operators and broadcast sites for national radio and television coverage.

The Contract

Having won the three-year site inspection contract, we will take on the role of Principal Contractor, undertaking the inspection requirement for infrastructure elements across the forty-seven sites.

The following list is an indication of what will be required, however is not a definitive list.

Site Access:

Inspect the access from the roadside; ensure perimeter fence remains secure; make running repairs as required; inspect safety signage; check lightning protection; and check operation of all locks.


Visually check conditions of concrete tower, cabin and building bases for signs of damage; check holding down bolts; check levelling nuts on all monopole and tower sites; and check for and note any signs of ground movement.


Inspect all buildings’ external and internal conditions; clear gutters and report any sign of damage; inspect building interior for water ingress, tidiness, vermin infestation etc; check operation of fans, heaters and thermostats as required; inspect external cable gantries and support poles; inspect and re-certify fire extinguishers; and test smoke alarms.


Inspect and certify the towers as safe to climb in accordance with BS8100 and referenced codes; check for correct installation and operation of the access system; inspect area around lower legs, anti-climb, access gate and ladder for damage; ensure drainage holes are cleared; check all bolts; and check surface condition of the towers.

Antenna Pole Mounts:

All mounting brackets must be secure; check all steel for signs of fatigue; and check all building-mounted infrastructure.

Antenna Dish and Ancillary Mounts:

Inspect the condition of all antenna, dish and ancillary support infrastructure and complete the required checks.

Fall Arrest Systems:

Where required, any installed fall arrest system must be inspected, tested and certified to the manufacturers’ recommendations where applicable.

Lightning Protection System:

Inspect, test and certify the installed lightning protection system in accordance with EN 62305 and any referenced applicable codes; take resistance readings; and inspect earth rod pits and tightness of all earth connection bolts.

Cabin and Tower Supports:

Inspect the condition of all cabin, cabinet and tower support infrastructure and complete the required checks.

Cable and Feeder Management:

Inspect the condition of all cable management systems and complete the required checks, including all covers (if fitted) are present, in acceptable condition and secured using proprietary fixings.

Rooftop Access, Ladders and Walkways:

Inspect access ladders condition including security of fixings into superstructure; provide safe to climb certificates for all ladders (unless excluded in site specific details); inspect, certify and tag fall arrest systems present; and inspect all walkways / platforms to telecoms equipment.

LARS Site Inspection and Maintenance Teams

Our maintenance teams provide an extensive array of services, which include site inspections, surveys and maintenance solutions.

Working alongside our expert project management teams, our maintenance teams ensure that all site work is delivered safely and to the very highest specifications.

All of our teams are highly competent and equipped with the latest technology, equipment, PPE and plant.

For more information about the range of services we provide, please click here.


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