BT21 Century Network Build for Electricity North West

Location:North West of England


LARS Communications has been the primary radio contractor for Electricity North West Limited for their BT21 Century Network Build since 2012. The new network spans 64 locations covering the North West of England.

LARS involvement in the project began with line of sight and radio surveys to ascertain the structural requirements for each site.Sites required for the network and built by LARS include tower, monopole and rooftop sites, wall mounted stub poles and site upgrades. Services provided as part of the site build range from excavation and duct work, earthing works, fencing, concrete bases and re-enforcing through to the placement of cabins, crane lifts, tower builds and electrical works.

Tower strengthening and structural upgrade work has included the conversion of a disused pylon into a telecommunications tower as well as anti-climb and fall arrest upgrades and safe to climb inspections. Structures required for the project and fabricated by LARS include four leg angle structures up to 45 metres, three leg tube towers, monopoles and bespoke structures including wall mounted poles and rooftop grillage.

LARS is also responsible for the rigging work required on all sites including on-site installation of steelwork, microwave dishes and UHF and VHF antenna systems.

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