East London Tower Strengthening Project

Location:Beckton, East London


Service:Tower Strengthening and Structural Upgrades

We have recently completed a tower strengthening job in Beckton, East London on behalf of the Port of London Authority.


Following a structural analysis conducted by Peak Engineering Ltd, it has been decided to strengthen the tower’s legs to achieve a utilisation factor below 90%. This entailed the installation of additional members to decrease the buckling length of the legs in the tower’s first four panels.

All steelwork fabrication must comply with BS EN 1090-2:2018 and undergo hot-dip galvanisation in accordance with BS EN 1461.


Strengthening of the tower legs in first four panels is achieved by adding additional members to the tower. This additional restrains enhance the buckling length of the legs and significantly improves axial compression capacity of the legs.

The contractor is responsible for establishing precise dimensional and structural arrangement details to enable off-site fabrication of all new structural elements, including new members, interface plates, and fixings.

  • Before commencing works all operatives will check for any site-specific hazards and amend risk assessment to mitigate risk if required
  • Documents will be checked for any site-specific information (if available)
  • LARS will undertake works as instructed. Small hand tools will be used for works. All tools required will be carried in a bolt bag or similar or secured to a harness by means of a cord or other secure means
  • When working on the structure and ascending and descending the ladder or scaffolds, equipment to be removed from the structures, or fixed, will be secured in the same manner
  • MEWP to be set up and a drop zone will be established using warning signs, barrier tape or barriers where necessary
  • Carry out RF survey of work area
  • LARS operative will ascend in the MEWP to the required height to perform their works at height
  • New member sections may be carried inside the basket but dependant on weight / size restrictions
  • Rope and pulley system will be used for lifting new member sections if not carried in the MEWP basket
  • All lifting operations to comply with LOLer Regulations
  • Strengthening of the tower legs by adding additional members to the tower: 0m to 30m – first 4 panels – install additional face redundant bracing to enhance axial compression capacity by reduction of buckling length of the tower legs
  • Install new member sections 40x40x5
  • All new steelwork hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461
  • All fixings are M12 bolt grade 8.8
  • On-site drilling of steelwork, new hole locations will be measured and marked
  • Holes will be drilled to correct size in accordance with drawings
  • Drilled holes will be deburred and cut surfaces painted with Galvafroid paint
  • New members will be bolted into position
  • Bolt tightness will be checked
  • Photographs will be taken for handover pack
  • On completion of works a check of the site, to ensure it is tidy and clear of any waste
  • Sign-off inspection of completed strengthening to be undertaken by structural engineer


The tower strengthening works were completed on time and on budget. The client left the following feedback: “From a client point of view the project was very stress free and hands off thanks to the way LARS effectively managed the project.”

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