Lincolnshire Tower Decommissioning Project



Service:Radio Site Decommissioning

LARS Communications has recently completed a substantial decommissioning project in Lincolnshire, removing dishes, antennae and any associated equipment from heights of between 122m and 145m.


LARS Communications was the principal contractor on this decommissioning project, the objective of which was to remove four redundant dishes, each measuring 3.6m in diameter and four folded dipoles. The folded dipoles were at heights of 122m to 128m, while the dishes were at heights of 130m, 135m, 140m and 145m. All associated feeder cable and wave guides were also removed from the tower.


  • Evaluate site for suitability of proposed works
  • Perform site survey and check risk assessment
  • Set up safety exclusion zone, including putting up signage and barriers where required
  • Set up anemometer at working height level – check anemometer to see if wind speed is within the permitted parameters to allow work to commence
  • Trailer winch used to remove dishes
  • Hoist pilot line / tight line using the winch and set up above the antenna
  • Ascend the tower and set up the winch bond on a pulley block above the proposed lift
  • Secure the load to the pilot line as well as to the winch bond. Winch is used to take the weight of the dish to be removed
  • Carefully unbolt and release the dish
  • Lower to the ground
  • Remove the small antennae (folded dipoles) using either a trailer winch or a 300m rope and captstan winch
  • Secure antennae to the lifting system and unbolt from the structure
  • Lower to the ground
  • Feeders and wave guides removed using the 300m rope and capstan winch
  • Fixings removed and placed in a bolt bag or lifting bag and lowered to the ground
  • Decommissioned equipment removed from site by licensed waste carriers to a licensed waste disposal specialist
  • On completion of the works, all materials and rubbish to be removed from the site, leaving the site clean and tidy – to be formally accepted by the client.


This was a huge undertaking, with each of the four dishes measuring 3.6m across and located at heights in excess of 130m. The LARS team was up for the challenge, completing the project on time and on budget.

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