Site Maintenance on Police Towers


Sector:Emergency Services

LARS undertakes the refurbishment and remedial works on tower sites for a UK Police Force.

The size of the structures ranged from 19 metres to 60 metres and the scope of work varied from site to site. These were the specific requirements for one site. Other general requirements across all sites included tower cleaning, painting, structural upgrades, steelwork replacement and undergrowth clearance.

Following a survey the works required on one particular site were:

  • Cutting the ladder cage hoops at below 2.5 metres and painting yellow and black
  • Replacing the corroded chains and spring clips at rest platforms 1 and 2 with a galvanised chain and stainless steel spring clips
  • Fitting safety signs
  • Brushing algae off the ladder and platform members
  • Wire brushing areas of flaking on the tower and painting with coats of M10
  • Installing a galvanised steel kickplate to the trapdoor

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