Structural Upgrades to the Cobbacombe Weather Radar Site



LARS completed works to improve internal access to the Met Office weather radar site at Cobbacombe in Devon.

The works included the fabrication and installation of a new 18 metre spiral staircase to replace the existing vertical ladder. The works were successfully completed over a twelve week period.

The overall scope of works for the project comprised the following:

  • Oversee the removal of the existing Radome and Radar System
  • Remove the existing hooped ladder
  • Installation of a new spiral staircase to the top platform, including fencing and foundation
  • Installation of a companionway ladder from the top platform into the dome, including weld mesh protective fencing
  • Fabrication and installation of a new platform and lifting hatch
  • Modify the existing hatch opening and install a new interlock hatch into the Radome
  • Fabrication and installation of a steel support for the Radome, including the extension of the support platform
  • Install a new cable tray management system
  • Oversee the installation of a new Radome and Radar system
  • Patch repair corrosion and repaint the tower, platform and stairs

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